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Talamasca Album - 2023 - The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons

2023 – Talamasca – United Beat Records

Talamasca has poured his heart and soul into this project, crafting not just the music but also the visuals that accompany each track. From the tranquil vibes of spring to the energetic beats of summer, he has translated the essence of each season into a mesmerizing audio-visual experience.

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Talamasca Album - 2021 - Music For Travel Minds 300x300

Music For Travel Minds

2021 – Talamasca – Trance Sphere

With the pandemic limiting dancefloor opportunities, Talamasca channels his creativity into a new venture with “Music for Traveling Minds”, as he explored in this album the realm of chill-out music.

We Gonna Rock The World !

2020 – Talamasca & Ivan Castro – Dacru Records

“We gonna rock the world” is an electrifying album that blends the best of rock and psytrance genres. Talamasca and Ivan Castro, the Argentinean guitar virtuoso, teamed up for this collaboration album and proved that music has no boundaries and can bring together two seemingly different worlds.

The Experiment

2020 – Talamasca – Dacru Records

The album features slower, deeper tracks that evoke a range of emotions in the listener, from introspection to euphoria.

A Brief History Of Goa Trance

2017 – Talamasca – Dacru Records

With over a year of work put into it, “A Brief History of Goa Trance” showcases Talamasca’s deep respect and admiration for the pioneers of this genre, as well as his skill at crafting an immersive musical experience.

The Time Machine

2015 – Talamasca – Dacru Records

With its unique blend of old and new, “The Time Machine” showcases Talamasca’s ability to seamlessly fuse classic electronic elements with cutting-edge production techniques.

Level 9

2014 – Talamasca – Dacru Records

With “Level 9”, Talamasca continued his successful partnership with DACRU records, delivering another powerful album that showcases his signature sound and undeniable talent.

Unreleased For Raver

2013 – Talamasca – Talmasca Self-released

Despite their unpolished and unfinished nature, the tracks on “Unreleased for Raver” remain beloved among Talamasca’s fans, a testament to his enduring legacy as a true pioneer of psytrance.

Psychedelic Trance

2013 – Talamasca – Dacru Records

“Psychedelic Trance” marked the beginning of a new era in Talamasca’s career, as he joined forces with the Belgian label Dacru Records to create an album that would redefine the boundaries of psytrance. Contains hits like « Day dreaming » or « Winter tale ».

Make Some Noise

2011 – Talamasca – Fineplay Records & Mind Control Records

Talamasca’s “Make Some Noise” album was a personal journey that saw him blending his love of classical music with his signature trance sound, resulting in a powerful and uplifting collection of tracks.

The Frequency

2009 – Talamasca & XSI – Parabola Music & Mind Control Records

Talamasca and XSI’s “The Frequency” album was more than just a collaboration – it was a celebration of the power of music to bring people together and transcend boundaries, both cultural and personal.

Obsessive Dream

2007 – Talamasca – Mind Control Records

Talamasca’s fifth album “Obsessive Dream” was a labor of love, a double album featuring his own unique brand of melodic trance as well as collaborations with some of his closest friends and fellow musicians.

Made In Trance

2004 – Talamasca – Mind Control Records

From the pulsating rhythms of “Made in Trance” to the inspired collaborations with his peers, this album is a testament to Talamasca’s boundless creativity and his unwavering commitment to the trance community.


2003 – Talamasca – 3D Vision

Talamasca’s third album “Zodiac” was a worldwide hit, with tracks like “Aries” becoming instant classics and cementing his place in the psytrance hall of fame.

Musica Divinorum

2001 – Talamasca – Spiral Trax International

Talamasca’s second album “Musica Divinorum” solidified his position as a pioneer of psychedelic trance music, featuring hits like “Time Simulation.”

Beyond the mask

2000 – Talamasca – 3D Vision

“Beyond the Mask” was Talamasca’s breakout album, released on the renowned 3D Vision label, and marked the beginning of his musical journey.