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Talamasca EP - 2023 - Talamasca & Chrizzlix & Psyfiction - Earth Reloading

Earth Reloading

2023 – Talamasca & Chrizzlix & Psyfiction

Collaboration track made with 2 top german class artists : Chrizzlix and Psyfiction. Full of classic melodies and edgy synth lines. This single is complete with all the goodies and tricks to kick a dance floor into sonic mayhem ! Take off on a journey though the depths of the earth till the highest points of the sky…

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Talamasca EP - 2023 - Talamasca RAZ Visions 300x300


2023 – Talamasca & RAZ

A great collaboration with ‘RAZ’ to create a super melodic Track “Visions”.

Mind Gate

2023 – Talamasca – Dacru Records

Excited to share “Mind Gate” compilation and the amazing artists involved !
Each artist brought their unique touch to the project, making it a truly special release.

Talamasca EP - 2022 - Talamasca Psychonaut 300x300


2022 – Talamasca – United Beats Records

Get ready to explore new sonic dimensions with Talamasca’s latest release, “Psychonaut”. This EP, which reached #1 on Beatport, marks the beginning of a thrilling collaboration with United Beats Records.

Organic Machine

2021 – Talamasca & Phalaenopsy – Trance Sphere

“Organic Machine” is a powerful collaboration track between Talamasca and the new French project Phalaenopsy, showcasing some of Talamasca’s hardest sounds in recent years.

Marijuana Reaction

2021 – Talamasca & Ivan Castro – Trance Sphere

Experience the ultimate dancefloor power with XOXO’s remix of Talamasca and Ivan Castro’s classic track, Marijuana Reaction. As the rising star of Dacru Records, XOXO delivers an electrifying remix that will take you on a high-energy journey.

Hold On Your Passion

2021 – Talamasca – Trance Sphere

“Hold on Your Passion” is a melodic masterpiece born during the pandemic that has become a staple of Talamasca’s DJ sets. Its soaring soundscapes and infectious rhythms never fail to get the crowd moving.


2021 – Talamasca – Trance Sphere

Get ready to explore n”Alienergy” by Talamasca is a mesmerizing track that showcases a more progressive side of his music. Created during the pandemic, it is a testament to Talamasca’s ability to evolve his sound while still maintaining his signature style.

2020 - Old School For Raver Vol. 3

Old School For Raver Vol.3

2020 – Talamasca – Trance Sphere

The final volume in this series takes us up to 2013 with more classic Talamasca tracks, including a couple of unreleased gems that fans won’t want to miss.

2020 - Old School For Raver Vol. 2

Old School For Raver Vol.2

2020 – Talamasca – Trance Sphere

Continuing the journey through Talamasca’s discography, this volume collects tracks released between 2000 and 2013, leading up to his joining Dacru Records.

2020 - Old School For Raver Vol. 1

Old School For Raver Vol.1

2020 – Talamasca – Trance Sphere

A nostalgic journey through the early years of Talamasca’s career, featuring tracks that were released outside of his albums but still hold a special place in his heart.

Sensory Depravation

2020 – Talamasca – Talamasca Self-released

Sensory Deprivation, released on a Brazilian label, is a high-energy track that will transport you to the depths of the psychedelic experience with its intense beats and mesmerizing soundscapes.

Patterns Of Emotions

2019 – Talamasca – Dacru Records

Pattern of Emotions, a single release on Dacru records, is a 140 bpm track that takes a more progressive approach than Talamasca’s usual sound. However, it still managed to surprise and electrify dancefloors with its unique energy…

After Winter Comes Spring

2018 – Talamasca & Ivan Castro – Dacru Records

“After Winter Comes Spring” is a collaboration between Talamasca and Ivan Castro that features a beautiful trance guitar and an unforgettable guitar solo that will captivate any guitar enthusiast.

Positive Visualisation

2017 – Talamasca – Dropzone Records

“Positive Visualisation” is a stunning track with a tempo of 140 bpm that blends elements of progressive trance and full-on. Unfortunately, this track was stolen released “illegally” by a German group called Plusquam, who claimed rights to it without any contract ever signed.

Made In Brazil

2016 – Talamasca & GMS & Life Style & Cosmonet – Dacru Records

“Made in Brasil” features two collaboration tracks with Brazilian artists, including the massive hit “Celtic Samba” produced with GMS and Lifestyle. With its distinctive Celtic melody, this track is a departure from the usual psytrance sound and has become one of Talamasca’s biggest hits in recent years.

Back To Bach

2010 – Talamasca – Mind Control Records

“Back to Bach” is a mesmerizing track that showcases Talamasca’s classical music skills, with a beautifully crafted chord progression that leaves a lasting impression on the listeners even today

Tribal Journey

1995 – Talamasca – Talamasca Self-released

The first talamasca track ever made.